Sunday, October 16, 2011


I really liked Walter Block's video on evictionism: I like it mostly because it exposes that, in an ideal world, the right to life/right to body (choice) debate would be a false dilemma (fallacy). I disliked Walter's focus on when it's "ok" to kill an unborn child (it's never ok - though I thought otherwise before I learned about evictionism). However, it may be ok to evict a baby; I consider rape an obvious case for this, consensual sex is harder to justify (though I agree you can't form a contract with the unborn). In my head, the procedure would go:
  • woman tells doctor she doesn't want baby
  • doctor performs procedures as though a wanted child was in danger and needed to be delivered prematurely
  • child is placed in (donation/charity funded) medical care (possibly an "artificial womb")
  • the child is made available for adoption
At no point is the baby intentionally killed.

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